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The Sum of All Fears (Deluxe Edition)

by Da Grym Reefer

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released September 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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Track Name: Prelude
Oh oh people of the earth
Listen to the warning
The Seer he said
Beware the storm that gathers here
Listen to the wise man

I see no day, I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal.
Track Name: Grey
When U niggaz die, where U think Ur gonna go
Everybody saying heaven probably isn't gonna show
Cuz people dying everyday and nobody seems to care
They just say "That's the way it is. Nobody said that life was fair."
As I wake up in the morning
Walk over and grab the
Take it to the mirror as I envision my melon
The only thing that probably
A nigga from pullin' the trigger is my son
I think about him sleeping & kiss him on the forehead.

I go into the living room and then turn on the news
The cleanup in the Gulf
Someone shot up a school
A man got shot in the head over bottle of booze
They murdered Dirty Mike
People are acting fools
Nobody gives a damn
We just be goin' ham and don't do shit over real shit if U really just
think about it
Nobody speaks about it
So where U figure out a revolution will be televised?
Preachers won't even preach about it!

I see no day, I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal.

I'm not a Christian rapper
cuz cursing isn't Christian
I'm just a nigga on some real shit if U really listening
I feel God gave me senses to speak and act with wisdom
Hell I just wanna share 'em
Haters just wanna diss him
I am that fucking Phoenix rising from the blunt ashes
Almost everything around a nigga is tragic, tornadic.
Sending u hating faggots somewhere back over the rainbow w/ my steel dick in your motherfuckin' mouth nigga...
No homo
This ain't a porno or promo
This is the intro
Since Da Nickel rules got thrown back out the window.
Now I'm back up in the game; the game's got back suspenful
Niggaz don't know my name all they just know is just my shit's dope
Lighting up an incense
Smoking on some indo
Working on some dope shit
Talking to my kinfolk
That's for those inquiring wondering what I've been up to.
Before that was Da Nickel
Before that it was Phukk U!!!
And now....

I see no day, I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal.
Track Name: The Sum of All Fears
Sup motherfuckers
Grym Reefer in this bitch

Sum of All Fears

Welcome to the album nigga

This what you wanted?
This what you been waiting on?


(Verse 1)
These niggaz is some bad jokes
One liners
Always looking for credentials
Undercover brother motherfuckers
One timers
Straight Gaga
Some Chihuahua's to my Rottweilers
Imma assassinate you niggaz
Lee Harvey
Still revolutionary on you niggaz
Straight Garvey
You straight garbage
You need to stop it
Every rap you spit is on the same topic
"I get money! Blah, blah!!"
Past, copy
Task complete
Here you go
Another Yo Gotti
The next contestant up to be the next nobody
Not the original
Shout out to the carbon copies
Try to knock me
Get sprayed like an auto-body
Cuz your bitch want her throat burned
Like a hot toddy
Cuz I'm a hot topic
The Sum of All Fears
Thanks for coppin'

Cats say I pulled a Kanye
Had you waiting all year
The wait's finally over
You see me right here!

You want me moving?
Now I'm going in gear!
While destroying my peers
This is The Sum of All Fears

Cats say I pulled a Kanye
Had you waiting all year
The wait's over
You see me right here!

You want me moving?
Now I'm going in gear!
While destroying my peers
This is The Sum of All Fears, nigga!!!

(Verse 2)
This is a funny game
But I'm never grinning
I'm not in all the faking with these niggaz
And pretending
Niggaz say "Keep it real!"
But make it clear I'm not winning
Cuz I don't spit raps
With a fairy tale ending

I'm sharpening my skills
While you sharpen your eraser
I bought a can of whup-ass
That I done saved up

A humble nigga is considered lame
In this cocky game
I wanna copy my change
They wanna copy fame

From a pawn to a king
I'm slowly moving in position
These niggaz need to beat they dick
They stiffest competition

Sick spitter
The mind bender
The line twister
Rhyme ripper
"Delete your whole mind?"

If you approach me wrong
Or ever call yourself beefing
I'll arrange it to ya brain and spinal chord are no longer speaking

Leave your dome leaking
With your brain peeking
Mess up your new outfit
Ruin your whole weekend

(Hook x2)

Niggaz wanna get rid of me
Like two felonies
Leaving my competitors behind like a Legacy

I'm next level
Got the game intensive care level

While you act like Ben Afleck
Doing stunts

You act like little girls
You need to just let it be

Leaving pieces of yourself

A spin-off to "The L Word"
You're the Letter C

I'm like 106th & Park
I've been done with free

"Yeah niggaz
I'm back

The Sum of All Fears

Grym Reefer

2011 to 2012 to the end of this motherfucker

Enjoy the album...
Track Name: The Truth
Da Grym Reefer:
I was just thinking, man
I can't listen to a niggaz CD

...Or song
Without a nigga talking about
How much money they got
How they got all the dope
How they got all the bitches
How they the shit

But I'mma tell about myself


(Verse 1)
I'm not a role model
I am nobody's hero
I'm not popular
Don't hang with lot's of people

I've just got one girl
That happens to be my wife
So by most people definition of a rapper
I do not have a life

I'm not an OG
Don't live the street life
Ain't never did a bid
Not on my third strike

I don't ride clean
Don't even own a bike
I don't slang dope
I just live my life

I don't frequent at the clubs
Or the titty bar
I don't do hood rat shit with my niggaz
In and out of cars

I don't do dance songs
Hoping that you pass em on
Or get excited bout bitches
With herpes outbreaks
On camera flashing thongs

Don't really like to drink
Or the way we think

Don't think it's the end of the world
But we're on the brink

Don't think you're listening
Don't think I've said enough
Don't think you even care
And I don't give a fuck

My job description
Is to be a bad influence
Mess up your whole world
And leave your life in ruins

Make you wanna sell drugs
And join a gang or something

Make you do what I say
Like "Simon Says" or something

You wanna talk like me
You wanna dress like me
You wanna brag about unprotected sex
Like me?
And stack
Racks on racks
But when I'm in this booth
I say I'm keepin it real
But I'm not telling the truth

(Verse 2)

I'm not the hardest nigga
In the world
Or the meanest

What you see
Is what you get
You can take it
Or leave it

So many deceivers
And that's just the leaders
If I lie then why are kids having kids
With the teachers

But we afraid to have that talk
With our kids

So we're the last to know
About a sexual offense

And straddling the fence
Seems to be our sole defense
That is
If we acknowledge if the problem
Even exists

I'm sure the kids do
But they don't go run telling it
When they get bullied
For showing any sign of intelligence

Common sense

Kids are killing kids
And have the nerve
To call it courage

Cuz they heard it in a song
And a nigga made it sound cool

Seems it's like we gravitate
To everything that's NOT true

I think we try to be good
But get lies from all sides
So when we try to be true
All we tell is more lies


Da Grym Reefer:
So the moral to the story is:
Don't believe everything a rapper tell you in a song
Know what I'm saying..
Cuz most likely
In a three minute song
You ain't getting the whole story
So marinate on that a min
And just be your damn self
Fuck trying to be someone else
Real talk
Track Name: Half-Empty
(Verse 1)

I'm half Malcolm
Half Kennedy
Half enemy
Half symphony
Put simply

Half coke
Half Earth
Half baking soda
Half a block
Half a key
Half the whole boulder

Half slave
Half king
Cuz split half with a queen
She fuck around an split the scene
With half of your cream
And half of your dreams

Don't believe half the shit you see this lifetime
And don't halfway believe
Half the shit you hear half the time

I keep an eye open
You halfway sleep
I don't spit raps at you
I halfway preach
To you shallow motherfuckas
Stay halfway deep

The Lord is my Shepard
As I awaken the sheep
Shallow niggaz can't follow
'Cuz I'm way too deep

Everybody "keeping it real"
But grinning from cheek to cheek
If you was really real
It'll probably make you halfway weep

Is this cup half-full or half-empty?
Is this clip half-full or half-empty?
Is this road half-full or half-empty?
Is your soul half-full or half-empty?

(Verse 2)

A kid dies
We halfway say shit
An innocent man is put to death
You halfway think he did it

...And what good is innocence
When the world thinks you're guilty?
As about good as life
'Cuz the word wants to kill me
I know you niggaz feel me
I know you niggaz see it
How they wanna see me dead, broke,
And defeated
In no particular order
As long as I'm slaughtered
They say I break too many rules
And cross to many borders

My death
I often thought of
When I go
How will I be thought of?

Live long enough to die the villain
Or die the martyr
Will they remember me
A coward or a Sparta?
I could die today
But you could die tomorrow

People are scared to die
But life is full of horror
Still it's worth living
Like there's no tomorrow
Try to minimize all the jealousy and envy
Cause you could have a million bucks
And STILL be half-empty

Track Name: Just Us (For Troy) feat. Miss Joyce
Troy Davis: (Speaking)

Yes, this is Troy Anthony Davis
And uhhh.....I've been sitting on
Georgia's Death Row for 16 years
For a crime I DID NOT commit.
It's been a struggle for me and my family,
As well as the victims family,
whom I sympathize with
They have been cheated out of
just as much as I have.
They deserve justice more than anyone
deserves justice

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 1)

We look for justice
We find just us
Locked up
Behind bars
Fucked up
Over anything
Over everything
What we out here doing?
What's your purpose, mane?

They saying we are on the dawn
Of what could be "the day"
But no one seems to notice
We ain't got no focus
The whole world is bogus
But life's the bomb
I'm just waiting for the big explosion
Until then
I'm smoking
Blueberry, Purple, Kush,
Fuck the world
And the Bush
Cause all you niggaz douche
Cause y'all cooked the books
That hid my history
Even trade
In return
I got pain and misery
No language
And my past a mystery

But that's another story
That's his-story

...And we're sticking to it
Like we never knew it
It's liberty and justice
For anybody
But us
They put the bait in the jungle
And then go looking for us
But we're too blind to notice
Cause money is the motive
But nowadays a dollar
Ain't worth a fucking quarter

But we kill for it
Lie for it
Steal for it
Cause it don't really pay too well
To keep it real for it

Miss Joyce: (Chorus)

As I open my eyes I realize
How time has flied
The tears I've cried
The paths I've walked,
Learning life lessons
While others talk
There are mothers crying
Children drying
The innocent pay
While the guilty triumph
The Land of The free
In God we trust
But when I look around
All I see is Just Us!

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 2)

I have freedom of speech
The right to remain silent
I'm a product of environment
But they just say I'm violent
The world is ruled by tyrants
They call a democracy
But hear the people speak
They call it a monstrosity

I hope that God can see
I hope that he's appalled
On how the evil triumph
How the good are stalled
No justice for the righteous
The good die mostly to violence
And if you speak the truth
They want to see you silenced

Silenced as in deceased
Casket, undertaker, priest,
If you want to tell the truth
It's best that you don't even speak

I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Out of these evil streets
But when I see who's dying
It's kids
Way younger than me
To watch a generation die
Is something to see
That still ain't learned that a "gangsta"
Ain't "something to be"
I could fucking go to jail
For just being me
Without trying to be
Some nigga that I've seen
On the TV screen

Miss Joyce: (chorus)

Troy Davis: (speaking)

...And with me
Because I had the faith that
God would intervene
And set things right,
You know,
It kept me strong
and gave me hope
You should never be able to convict a man
or even indict a person,
man or woman
without ANY physical evidence
NONE, whatsoever.
I would never take another human beings life
and...the killer is still out there,
my family is in mourning
the victim's family is in mourning,
and the truth is still locked in
....Because I didn't get justice
...But a DNA case
You know
that's physical evidence
that you can test
I had no physical evidence TO test prove my innocence
But when their witnesses volunteered
to come forward,
because their conscious was bothering
them about the lies they told on me...
When they came forward
and signed these affidavits
THEN there was evidence for me to test
When they took me to the death,
uh, cell
the death watch 24 hours
before the execution
You know it...

It really affected me
and everybody on Death Row
you had grown men crying
they heard about my situation.
They know I'm innocent.

They was like
they said:
"If I couldn't get no justice,
nobody could get justice."
Track Name: Proud Father
(Verse 1)

My son was born
June 4th, 2007
I was going through hell
But was sent
A little piece of heaven

And with that piece of heaven
I learned to count my blessings
With all those lessons learned
Still I did a lot of stressing

Thanks to my baby momma
She still so with the drama
I did my best to make it work
But I can't change his momma

Cuz she can't change herself
So I can't blame myself
I only gave her ass enough rope
For her to hang herself

No more pointing fingers
No more placing blame
At this point
What it is and what it was
Is different thangs

No more pressing the issue
No more wetting your tissue
No more conversation
I'm not even going to diss you

That's merely my decision
To get out this position
Something's got to give
Cuz to be real
This ain't living

I truly hope the best
And wish that GOD will bless
I hope you get your head together
Or whatever

But I....

(Hook x4)
I've got a little boy to look after
And If I die
Then my child will be a bastard

(Verse 2)
I love you
And think of you
Every single day

You're my first real love
My little man RJ

I know I have my ways
But Randy you're my heart

It might be corny
But my daddy never spoke his heart

So I'm speaking mines
Because I value time

And don't wanna leave you in this world
Without me speaking mines

Unless you know I love you
And know I've got your back
And know when daddy tell you something son
Then it's a fact

You're still young now
And got a lot to learn

You've got your life in front
Don't let the past concern

About your mom and me
It doesn't bother me
It doesn't her
So It shouldn't bother you

Just learn from my mistakes
Don't make the same mistakes

Because I made a few
And no
I'm not including you

You're no mistake to make it plain and simple
GOD don't make mistakes
So to me
You're a miracle

(Hook x4)
Track Name: Tennessee Purchase (feat. Tension Relief & Miss Joyce)
Mista Tension Relieva: (Intro)

(Yeah, Take a look around.
It's me in the flesh; It's beautiful baby, truly beautiful.
Its Tension Relief. Keep ya head up baby, you should be proud to be black
Like this)

Mista Tension Relieva: (Verse 1)

Uh! Take a look around town,
tell me what you see
Not a damn thang my nigga,
You must be living on the East.
That's how it be's,
Tornado came through
and blew it down,
They aint rebuilt shit,
It's evident
They'd rather boot us up out of town, Uh!
And you would have to be blind not to see,
the petty way black folks is getting treated.
Neighborhoods I used to call my home,
looking like everything gone fall to pieces.
Everyday I ride around town
with my windows half down,
peeking out from a cloud,
peeping out how they spreading us out,
Section 8 vouchers.
What I'm talking about is that community pride and that nostalgic feeling,
It's been damn near ten years,
when the hell these folks
is gone start rebuilding?
It's evident
they ain't even trying to bring
Merry Lane Court back,
or P.V.C.,
or that neighborhood
that's across the tracks, Uh.
They send you out,
way out,
come back and reclaim,
all this land our family
used to give their heart and their soul to retain.
Peep game,
because that was back when black
was beautiful,
just wait and see,
we move away
then they'll rebuild this hole.

Miss Joyce: (Chorus)

I sometimes wonder
Why did children have to cry
Instead of being able to shine

Some weathered truth got thrown away
But lies can't cover up the pain
I see reality in my face

So what am I supposed to do
Solutions are left up to you
You close your eyes
And turn away

Generations died that day
But you want everything your way
And you still refuse to say...

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 2)

As Mista Tension mentioned
How our hood got "gone in the wind"
No re-write
Just gone like "The End"

Some lost fam
Some lost friends
Some lost it all
But the hood ain't been the same since

East side, West side,
North side, South side,
The white folks running this

Running us out the hood
Saying we living too good
But ain't that about a bitch?

The world had, looked,
Stopped and seen,
Us going through our own Katrina

Bush flew over in the sky
So high
That he could hardy see us

....And though I got touched
I didn't get shit from FEMA

We were homeless
Think I'm joking?
I come from the land of the broken
Where the crack heads roam

Have the nerve to try to build some
Hundred thousand dollar homes
In my hood
Where at best
If we could
Maybe get a loan for
Twenty-five G's

So you've got kids to feed
You gonna work to death
Or you gonna cop some keys

Capitalizing on our catastrophes

But you say America's fucked up
They say you're speaking blasphemy

But I ain't naive enough
To think
"My country 'tis of thee"
For a second
For a moment
Could really give a shit for me
(Nigga please)

Miss Joyce: (Chorus)

I sometimes wonder
Why did children have to cry
Instead of being able to shine

Some weathered truth got thrown away
But lies can't cover up the pain
I see reality in my face

So what am I supposed to do
Solutions are left up to you
You close your eyes
And turn away

Generations died that daaaaaaaay
you still refuuuuse to saaaaay...
(One daaaay).....
Track Name: Interlude
(Da Grym Reefer)
Everybody talking bout
How they're on

But the game
Is really in the worst state I've ever known

From the rappers to the fans
No one cares about this business
They just wanna make it rain
And fuck a bunch of bad bitches
Track Name: What About The Half (feat. Mack Mirage)
Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 1)

Riches all these niggaz want
Riches all the niggaz want
You'd think they would know how to get the money
But they really don't
90% business
10% talent
Niggaz say they know the game
But ask them bout Soundscan
Ask em bout BMI
Ask em bout ASCAP
They lips will start moving but ain't nothing ever coming out
Nigga you just wanna do this rap shit for a hobby
Been rapping for 10 years
But your shit is still sloppy
Cuz every time something gets popular
You copy
I grab the microphone
And Sylvester Stallone
Hard like a motherfucka
Not coming like no other suckaz
Niggaz rap like Superman
But really Undercover Brothers
Without focus
That I smoke up
Like a skinny junt (joint)
Taking all challengers
I'm not scared of anyone
So go ahead on
With all that talking like you on
Cuz all a record deal is
Is a glorified loan

(Hook x4)
What about the half....
That you've never been told

Mack Mirage: (Verse 2)

Any path watch ya lane ..
where ya go ..
How ya doing
One mistake ..
Everything you built ..
Crumbles into ruins
Wave goodbye ..
there goes you're rap career ..
you were pursuing ..
Well not really

It depends on who ya know ..
Or who ya screwing
Nah no hate ...
Some rappers sign gucci deals
yet FAIL to graduate
Most that were better than the SOME
who sign don't survive ..
the trappers fate
I say it's TIME ..
we clear the slate ..
Forget debates
Lets be honest
the billions made in this industry
Could help the welfare states
may I reiterate
One positive about the deal
you're subtracted from the unemployment rates
Think about the game
I've given from my soul
next time Baller/Rapper
Ask yourself about ...

(Hook x4)
Track Name: PSA
Although I try to keep my heart pure
Like the good book
My thoughts
Are Banned From YouTube
And too raw for Facebook
And Twitter and got enough space
To say "Stay out of MySpace"
So niggaz will have to learn firsthand
Not to fuck with me in the first place

See when I smiled,
and tried to shake
Niggaz tried to play me pussy

Now the expression on my face is just daring you
To push me

Now I don't know you
But you beefing
Or least saying a niggaz name
Cuz when I speak to niggaz in the streets
They always bringing up the same niggaz names

So while you studying a nigga
All you niggaz study this:

I'm diarrhea on you niggaz!


The nigga you gave SHIT!!!
Track Name: AmeriKKKa (feat. Miss Joyce)
Da Grym Reefer:(Verse 1)

My people came from Africa (shit)
We had all the land
Came to America
They told me that I'm not a man

He said my name is nigger
And then he aimed his trigger
At my wife and killed my first born
As she delivered

They took my god away
And took my native tongue
Took the name that my father gave me
For another one

They said I couldn't read
They told me not to breed
They said I had no vote
They said I couldn't speak

They treat us like some things
They know we once were kings
We went from that
To trying to get respect as human beings

Left us to starve and die
Then filled us up with lies
Split us up in sides
And add some salty genocide

You've got the melting pot
And now it's getting hot
And now your kids can't go to school
For fear of getting shot

So blame the gangs and thugs
Or the kids and the drugs
Or suck it up
And admit this shit was fucked up
From the set-up.

Miss Joyce: (Chorus)
I though this
Was America
I thought we're supposed to be free

Is this
It sure ain't free for me
For me
For me

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 2)
I spell trouble like Mayday
A nigga that you love to hate
Like Oshae or OJ
Maybe that's why I spell America
With three Ks
Or why I spell freedom with an AK

The place where I stay is so love hate
Cuz niggaz hate love
But they love hate

Can't say why they want the nigga dead in me
When they're the reason
Why the shit is even bred in me...

But I could see the cops
Or these niggaz putting lead in me
My only choices are to die or live

Don't call the FEDS on me
Two strikes
Don't need another felony
The system's already hell on me

Just trying to live peacefully and legally
In a world that treats me so evilly

Can you tell me what's the difference
When they yell freeze
From when they used to hang us from
Sycamore tree's in AmeriKKKa?

Miss Joyce: (Chorus x2)
Track Name: The Dark Side of The Rainbow (feat. Miss Joyce)
Da Grym Reefer:
I be sitting back
Thinking of all kind of shit
Like that movie
The Wizard of Oz and shit
How they went somewhere over the rainbow

What if they went to the dark side of the rainbow?
Hell....what if we LIVE on the dark side of the rainbow?

(Verse 1)
We're on a yellow road
Following yellow bricks
White powder
Coke is it

For the green paper
We plot capers
And risk our life and freedom
For a piece of paper

What would Jesus do?
Haters rule the Earth
The Romans killed Jesus
Now it's they who run the church, I...
Guess I've got a different
Kinda point of view
When I see a nigga do
As the Romans do

Niggaz ask what's wrong with me
I'm wondering what's wrong with you
Asking me
Like my point of view is fucked up

Money is a drug
That done took the place of love
Mind over money
Ideas are money
Get your bucks up

Mind over matter
And nothing matters 'cept
What's on my mind
And nothing's on my mind but money
So I'm on my grind

These other cats be hating hard
When they see me shine
Because they name could be dollar
They wouldn't get signed

Miss Joyce:(Chorus)
Dark side of the rainbow
Welcome to the other side
Where we live for money
And our hearts are full of pride

We don't need real garbage
Cause our brain's are filled with lies
Your soul has been captured
With you trapped inside

Dark side of the rainbow
Welcome to the other side

The dark side of the rainbow
The dark side of the rainbow

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 2)
We got no brain
No heart
Just the streets
No smarts

No justice
Just Us....

Straight up nobody gives a fuck

They always say it's not that serious

I bet you think that I'm delirious

Fuck everybody then
Like I'm bi-curious
I would fix you all
If I did something hideous

Right now...
I'm just being insidious
Right now...
You're just being an idiot

Like wow
Get pissed
And go dust off your
Tre eight
Got some goons that wanna get in ya ass
No Ray J...

I got no heart for fuck niggaz
That nay say
But all up in a motherfuckaz face
When it's pay day

I'm loosing my patients (*patience*)
Like Conrad Murray
You can end up buried
In a hurry
Ya heard me?

Hollow points will sweep you off your feet
Like a push broom
Peel your cap back
Like a motherfucking mushroom

Miss Joyce: (Chorus x1)

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 3)
We've got no brain
No heart
No courage
Cuz it's not encouraged

The only service
Is self service
It's like a missing person
The situation worsens

I could swear all around
I feel the demons lurking
So when I die
Hope God ain't just some man
Behind the curtain...

A fairy tale
In a living hell
A magic act that taxes me for living well

And that religion isn't
Just a pipe dream
Cuz people ain't never had the courage
To just do the right thing

The universe itself is
Beyond human comprehension
That attaches to our essence
Only if we pay attention

We out of touch
And running out of time

Out of sight
And out of mind

They say Jesus Christ died just to save us
But we afraid to get close
Wonder what we're afraid of...

If we were in his shoes
Wonder would we chose the same road
Or would we chose...
The dark side of the rainbow?
Track Name: Armageddon (feat. Miss Joyce)
Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 1)

Swift as the wind
Quiet as the forest
Conquer like the fire
Steady as a mountain
Blood in the fountain
Thinking bout Malcolm
Thinking bout Martin
As I'm steady marchin'

Up this mountain
Thinking bout thousands of warriors
Looking to be
Failure's not an option
May our deaths be glorious
We fight to the death
Cuz the odd are enormous

Cuz we'd rather die
Full of life
Than live dormant
In this fucked up world
Full of torment
In the concrete jungle
Niggaz can't see the trees for the forest
For hopping past the tortoise

Wanna know what war is
When you feel the enemy
All around
But you don't know his name
And he don't make a sound

Dead bodies all around
There's death to your left
And your rifle might just have
One bullet left

Death is in the air
Niggaz don't care
Cuz niggaz don't scare
Niggaz need prayer
There's a war out there
For a niggaz soul
And niggaz don't know
Cuz niggaz too worried
Bout a niggaz being broke
It's a different world
Now that anything goes
Welcome to the globe
Of Sodom and Gomorrah
Untold horrors
Hoping that I'm not the only one
The sorrah (sorrow)

This is the darkest hour
This is the darkest album
This is the darkest time...
To be a fucking coward
In a quest for power
Standing in the shower
Waiting on change
With not enough common sense
To come in out the rain

I think were insane
Riding on the short bus
Trying to take short cuts

This ain't a dance track
This is a war cut
For these war times
So keep your peace (piece) tucked

Miss Joyce: (Bridge)

Da Grym Reefer: (Hook)
The world has gone crazy
Like it's Armageddon
People so shady
Like it's Armageddon
Babies killing babies
I pray the Lord save me
Like it's Armageddon

Da Grym Reefer: (Verse 2)
Still waters run deep
So Imma keep flowing
Some of y'all ain't gon feel me
I'm already knowing
But what you her in your ear
Is my soul pouring
Through the ink
In the pen
The elephant in the room
Hid in plain sight
They call this the soundtrack
To end all life
Like fanfare for the return of
Jesus Christ
A classic case of rising from the ashes
More beautiful
Than you ever imagined

Replaced the critics blanks
With a Brandon
Now Enters the Dragon
Watch the world burn
Brought the gasoline and matches
I wish I could buy
All my enemies a casket
All filled with bullets and molasses
This beat
Is awakening a beast so tragic
Another beautiful mind
Descends into madness
Curtain call
This is the end of the planet

Miss Joyce: (Bridge)

Da Grym Reefer: (Hook)

(Verse 3)
Still on the battlefield
I can't describe the feel
Fair warning
I'm transforming
Into enormous
A motherfucking beast
As I destroy
I'm restored

How is peace the punishment,
When the crime is war?

The rhymes I deploy
Are much more
Than meet the eye
Hear me with your eyes
When you see it in your mind
Now that you envision it
Now witness it
Wake up from the dream
And smell what the business is
I'm getting more annoyed
The more that I'm ignored
The button caption changes
To panic when I press record
Hip-hop unholy war
Blood and gore
From shore to shore
Cuz niggaz ain't telling the truth no more
But spitting folklore
And niggaz wonder why I keep it so hardcore
Cuz niggaz act like porn on Disney
Soft core
U graduated at sucking cocks
Job corp
They say I'm greater than you
In year two

Miss Joyce: (Bridge)

Da Grym Reefer: (Hook)

Miss Joyce: (Vamp)

Why can't we see what's happening here?
Open up your eyes and tune in your ears
It's time to take back our babies
Conscious minds awake
So the world can't play me!

At times I know it can be hard
But never be naive
Watch the enemy sleep

I know you feel like giving up
Cuz I know you had enough
The end of all beginnings
See the signs
Here it comes!

(Repeat x3)
Track Name: Death Wish 3
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality

(Verse 1)
I got banned from YouTube
For Death Wish
While niggaz flooded the airwaves
With fake shit

Like facades their flow
mirage and makeshift

Trying hard to sabotage
My spaceship

A shooting star
I'm shooting hard
For greatness

Underdogged and overlooked
In most cases

Still I hit a grand slam
Covered all the bases
Still you motherfuckas overlook me
For the basic

From tragedy to triumph
No victory for victims
No struggle then no muscle
No pity for a quitter

You niggaz thought
I'm really quitting
How the fuck you figure?

This is a new beginning
From an old ending

This ain't the 4th quarter
Nor the 9th inning

For this street reporter
This is the Hall of Horrors

Only my own rendition
The Sum of All Fears, bitch
Deluxe Edition

I got you rappers wishing...

Sometimes wish I've never been born
Sometimes wish I've never been born
Sometimes wish I've never been born
Sometimes wish I've never been born
At all....

(Verse 2)
Our father
Our bother
Our problem
In a game of Russian Roulette
I'm the Gold Revolver

The King of Sorrow
Enough Tears to lend tomorrow

Life sucks, my nigga
Your momma should've swallowed

From your father's wood
Life isn't good

Can't explain anything
It's all misunderstood

The United States
Trying to be GOD
Fucked up and burnt Korans
Now we in Jihad

Then you go to church
Then they try to make you think
GOD is gonna open up the sky
And intervene

If you really read the book
Then you know the plan

Man will destroy himself
By his own hand

As the end gets nearer
My visions clearer

This ain't your average album
I'm not your average nigga

The world is getting sicker
So many people dying
Because we all gave up
Your kids are sick of trying

(Hook x1)

I wish (Every hater in the world would just die)
I wish (All my enemies commit suicide)
I wish (Instead of being born, I wish I would've died)
I wish (I didn't have to go to hell and then fry)

(Hook to end)
Track Name: Do U Care
Da Grym Reefer: (talking)
I be online sometime,
Surfing the internet

(Verse 1)
...And it seems like
Every few months
There's an earthquake or tsunami
We're in such a recession
Money's origami
...But we need it still
Cuz we gotta live
And if you got a kid
You feel like something's got to give
Black folks don't know inheritance
What the fuck we've got to give?
Skinny jeans, crack valves
Or fucking morning after pills?
Unpaid bills?
So why should I make out a will?
Can't even pay to put me away
If I get killed

So what you call real
To me is superficial
Money's your motivation?
Well it's my fucking issue
Niggaz will fucking kill you
Over what is in your pockets
Run your jewelry over to the nearest pawn shop
And hock it

Pistols popping more than parties
In my neighborhood
I'd be a fucking fool
For thinking that's it's all good

It's hammer-time
No grammar time
They cocking nines
It'll blow your mind to find out
They as young as nine

Do you know?
And do you care?

Da Grym Reefer: Hook
Naw Niggas don't give a fuck
Hell naw!
Niggas don't give a fuck

(Repeat Bridge and Hook)

Da Grym Reefer: (talking)

Sometimes I pick up a newspaper
Every now and then...
and read the local news

(Verse 2)
...And it seems like
Every few days in my city
There's a murder
Cold case file
Probably so enormous
It's unheard of
Crabs in a fucking barrel
Starting down the barrel
You eat bullets
And shit barrels
If you go fucking tattle
Eulogy at your sabbatical
I came from a small city with a
Crime rate of a murder capital
So do the mathematical
What all this bullshit adds up to
A sleepy looking ass town
But yeah
We strapped up too
Doing what we have to do
But in some instance
We don't
So since I'm "keeping it real"
I say we do what we want
And I'm just using my skills
To keep it real
And pay the bills
Say what I feel
If it's misspelled
Then who gives a shit?
Cuz I'm staying creative
But you still get the gist of it
In a world of trap niggaz
They call me a lyricist
So to them I'm their nemesis
And that's why I'm infamous
So if you don't know my story by now
That's cause you're not listening



(Repeat Bridge and Hook)

'Cos I watch you
oo every day I watch you pass me by
I'll get you
Yes in the end I'll get you
Just watch me try
Track Name: A Trip 2 Ya Heart
(Verse 1)

The night was dark and stormy
I just popped in without warning
Came in
Straight through the window
Smoke followed my trail like indo

Outside to indoors
With a flash
Didn't even see me
Creeping up on ya ass

The sound heard by everyone else
Sent shivers
Sounds like somebody just pulled a trigger
Everyone in earshot stops just stunned
Did anyone see someone running with a handgun?

Is the question everyone asks
Not even a mask
All they heard was a blast

Shattering of glass
"Did U at least see the flash from the blast?"
Shards in the dark
Creeping to the window of your bedroom
....You'd better hope they call the med soon,

(Hook X4)
I'm on a trip to your heart!

(Verse 2)

You're lying on the floor here bleeding
You find yourself having difficulty breathing
At home all alone
Can't even find your cell phone
Something about the way you feel now
Just feels wrong

...But lying down won't make it no better
Swallow the pain
Trying to get yourself together
Coughing up blood
Trying to scream for help
Gonna die from the pain
If you don't bleed to death

This could very well just be the end
As you lying on the floor
Wondering did you ever have any friends

More importantly is this the end
Of your life
You're a goner
By the time you get to Arizona
Say good-bye to it all
As your life flash
You die
Take a bow now
Kiss your ass

(Hook x4)

(Hook x4 with heart monitor
and ends with flat-line)
Track Name: Because
Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round...aaaaaahhhhhh

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high...aaaaaaaahhhh

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...aaaaaaahhhh