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Volume 0: Phukk U (2 All Who Doubt)

by Da Grym Reefer

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The full length debut album of Da Grym Reefer. It has a dark underground feel to it throughout. Not an album for those looking for commercial content.


released June 6, 2006

Produced by: Da Grym Reefer



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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Track Name: Da Grym Reefer (feat. Dr. Gigglez, Lil Peoples, Big Smoke & 81) - I Want Some Pu$$y
I Want Some Pussy


I want some motherfucking pussy
I want some motherfucking pussy
I want some motherfucking pussy
Hey, bitch, I want some motherfucking pussy

(repeat x1)

Dr. Gigglez:

When it comes to fucking
Ya boy
He don't hesitate
Met this little freak
Straight going
Down at Jackson State
Told her that my name was Nate
Took her ass on a date
Straight to the Knights Inn
Cuz a nigga couldn't wait
Mane, I want some pussy
And I know she want some dick too
A pink-toed that's down to do the whole crew
Now that's it's over with
Bitch, I'mma holla ho
Next time I want to fuck
I'mma hit ya on the phone
(On the phone)

Big Smoke:

I stopped at the corner store
That's whene I had met this ho
A big booty red-boned ho.

Her name was Michelle
She loved to give a nigga head
She sucking and fucking doing her thang
She never scared.

I done spit my game
See the bitch was feeling me
Wanting me to fulfill all of her freaky fantasies

Got her to the house
The bitch here
Was goin out the frame
She sucked my dick from the back

And I forgot the hoes name
And that's a shame

(Chorus x2)


Shawty that ass is fat
Double stacked in them Capris
I wanna gut that cat
You should've been a top model
For Baby Phat

So is you really ready?
Hold on!

Cuz I'm never showing no slack
Straight gut action from the back

So let me be your fucking friend
And not your man

Hold your fanny in my hand
And drill it in

That's how I do it
Beat it
Mistreat it
And never eat it

Cuz sluts
Get to sucking on my nuts

While you acting sidity
Like You don't wanna fuck

Dizzy duck
Do your job
Slurp and slob
Hustle squad
Free of charge

(Yeah, That's how we do
So come jump on my team)

Lil Peoples:

I'm looking for a bad, bad bitch
Like Trina
Don't want no divas
Just want a thick red-bone
With a fine ass demeanor

I specialize in Lane hoes
Cuz they are
Some freaky ass lil' sluts

They like to bend over
Make they knees touch they elbows
And let the dick
Touch the back
Of they fucking throat

When I saw that ho
At the Bull Market #5
I knew right then
I had to have them thick as thighs

I ain't gon lie
I slid right by
and got them digits

I spit that real pimpin
And got on down
Cuz a nigga all about them riches

(Chorus x2)

Da Grym Reefer:

We you know
What I came for
I didn't come to chit-chat
Or else I'd just stayed on the phone

Bitch, I came to hit that
Split that
Holla if you dig that
Turn your ringer off
Tell your nigga you've been kidnapped.

I ain't got no time to play
I just got some pipe to lay
I ain't got no time to save
So don't be asking me to pay

I'll break ya face and hurt ya feelings
No trick or treat
I'm bout my pimpin
Bustin nuts on bitches lips
And get some grips and split
Before you flip the script

And that's how I do it

Follow your own discretion
If you follow my influence

I know hoes who went to
Known for giving more head
Slow head
Whoa head
Everything but no head

Around these bitches
Watch your bread

Cum sucking sluts
Are amuck
Trying to get in you head
When a nigga...

(Chorus to fade)
Track Name: Da Grym Reefer (feat. King Chiefa) - Nothin' From Nothin'
Nothin' From Nothin'

Da Grym Reefer Verse 1

Why am I lonely?
Why make a bitch my one and only...
Open up to get to know me
And to only find her phony?

Why don't we walk it out
Move forward and talk it out
Discussing all our doubts
Instead of getting pissed and pout

Why are we wasting time
Playing games with our mines
Calling me yours, I'm calling you mines
Just to argue all the time?

Why don't we save the time
And the strains on our minds
Call up
Hook up
And then you go your way
And I go mines?

Why do we bother
Even calling at all
Cuz when we argue nothing ever gets solved
Plus emotions involved?

Why do we even
Try to bother with trust?
There's only you
And me
There is no us
So what the fuck?


...Do I always feel the brunt on the pain
I'm always wrong
Even when I try to do the right thing...

I guess...

That's just
A fucking part of the game
Study motherfuckers in love
the always end up insane

So just...


Get to fucking and sucking
And fuck the kissing and hugging
Because that shit ain't bout nothing
ANd nothing from nothing
Leaves nothing

(repeat x3)

Da Grym Reefer Verse 2:

Why ain't I versatile?
Why don't I change my style
And say something good about women
Every once in a while

Haven't attempted
In fact never been tempted
Stay pimpin' cuz even the "good women's"
Bitchin has made my mood foul

I'm sick of arguing
Making up and departing
Pardon how I dishearten
But would you get out?

That is the fuck out my face
Before I blow out your face
Or blow your mind out
When I pull my nine out

Sick of the dating
The hating
The make-believe and the faking
The demon seeds and the Satans
And the problem child

Or tricking off figgaz with diggaz
Sack chasin' niggaz for skrilla
I figure what is the sense of even goin out

It's not like I can't talk nice about women
I just don't want to cuz so many hoes
Chose to be angry
Cuz I don't want you

You hate me forever if you want to
But that shit still won't make me want you
So won't you...

(Hook x4)

King Cheifa:

Everyday you complain
I'm sick and tired of this shit
I'mma could pack my bags
And leave this bitch

You ain't bringing shit
To this realtionship
All you trying to do
Is spend my grip

But I ain't having it

So get to stepping

I'mma tell you like this
I've got a lethal weapon

Hard on bitches and here's the reason why
All you hoes trying to do is get a peace of the pie

You complain about this
You complain about that
Not once did I complain about your big funky ass

Sick of hoes always trying to get shit for the free
But it's nothing from nothing
A bitch gets nothing from me!


(Hook x4)
Track Name: Suic-Psychosis

Da Grym Reefer:

Yeah, this song about....

Fuck it. Just listen....

(Verse 1)

Everybody thinks they know me
Just because they know my name
But no one knows my pain
So they call me insane

Paranoid sleeping with my finger on the trigger
Just because you saw me yesterday
Don't mean today I'm the same nigga

I'll blow out your brains nigga
Look at my eyes and you might notice

I suffer from a condition that I call suic-psychosis

Diagnosis: Nuerosis with a ferocious psychosis
And I don't know just how long
I can control it

Bogus motherfuckas all on a motherfucker
Wanna bust caps at bustas like pinatas
Full of suckas
And trust motherfuckers bout as far
As I could throw your fat-assed mothers

Wanna go over town and spray you fuckas
Like crop dustas

Pop you with a fucking pump
Lock you in the fucking trunk

Now I'm going crazy, mane.
All I see is blood, mane.
I don't feel no love, mane.
None of the above, mane.

The reason that I'm in this game.


Diagnosis: Nuerosis with a ferocious psychosis
And I don't know just how long
I can control it
(with a)
Diagnosis: Nuerosis with a ferocious psychosis
And I don't know just how long
I can control it

(Verse 2)

I'm the nigga that you love to hate
The wrong nigga to fuck with
Flush this whole world down the toilet
I don't love shit

You probably think
Somebody needs to give my ass a hug quick

Too late
Now it's only hat that I'm in love with.

My cure is beyond some hugs, bitch.
Beyond some thug shit.
Wanna be down put you underground
Feeding you to bugs, bitch.

I'm too disgusted
With motherfuckers to trust shit

Losing my mind
But not enough to fuck with your kind

A style from hell
Satan ghost-wrote me this rhyme
Told me to kill myself and you
At the same time.

Grab the nine
Mesmerized by the way that it shines
Or the tech nine
Delfonic chronic
Didn't I blow your mind this time

Lose your mind
Follow mines
Bitch and go the same route

Go to hell
Go to church
Blow the preachers brains out

Didn't mean to say that shit
But it just fell out

Wish I was dead
Put it my head
And take myself out

Track Name: Da Grym Reefer (feat. Denny Lucci , Mr. R&B & J-Slumm) - Child Support
Da Grym Reefer Verse 1:

It's me Dick Hennessey
The one with the Magnums
Said you can swallow my seeds
But can't plant 'em

I kidnap
Pimp slap
Hoes that spring parent traps
Guess U want me to break bread
With you

Asking me what's the name of our baby to be
If he makes it out this rubber
Name the motherfucker Hercules

You think by running that game
That you'd be hurting me
But that's the reason that you hoes
Get no ove from me.

Up to fuckery
That's why you're suffering
You really hurt the kid
That's why you get nothing from me

Fucking tramp ho
Need to be
On the Maury Show
Either find out who the real daddy is
Or just let it go

I ain't got no time
To be
Spending my lifetime
Trying to support
A bitch
Or a kid
That ain't mines

Can't believe
I'm going through this shit
With a bitch again
Fuck these Magnums
I'm switchin
To Michellin


I'm working hard trying to get rich (get rich)
But I can't
These bitches all on my dick (all on my dick)
This child support shit

(repeat Chorus)

Denny Lucci:

I done had false alarms
With fake bitches
And I done had lying hoes
That's trying to get me

Pretty smile
Fat ass
And the mind is wicked
Trying to set a nigga up
Just to stack riches

I love kids
It's the momma that's always fucking shit up
Always talking shit
Bitch, get out and ride the bus
I'm tired of hearing ya mouth girl
So shut the fuck up
You don't like my ways then pack ya shit up
Cuz I could give a friendly fuck
About your crying and shit.
Talking bout you pregnant
Quit all that lying and shit

Cuz it ain't funny

Hoes do this shit for money
In the mall wilding out
While you pinching and scrubbing

On the Muary show
Talking all that loud shit
But when the test come back
Who the triffling bitch.

On the Muary show
Talking all that loud shit
But when the test come back
Who the triffling bitch. Ho!

(Chorus x2)

Da Grym Reefer:

Plenty hoes know my name
Many hoes running game
Plenty hoes try to play
Every nigga like the same

With no shame
Whether slick
Whether lame
Either wild
Whether tame
In a niggaz ass
All these hoes a pain

Wanna see a ho go wild
Just give a bitch a child
Watch her run from hot to mild
Like a model
Change her style

Many bitches hate me now
Wearing rubbers is a must

What is Reefer's deepest fear?
Planting seeds inside a slut!

J Slum:

Baby momma
So much drama
Man, you know they with the shit
Getting mad a nigga
Cuz he with another bitch

How the fuck you gone get hot
and start to catch an attitude
Seen Alisha at the mall buying
Cambrion some shoes

You ain't nothing but a snot
And need to get your shit together
Trying to find a ride to club
So you can shake your tail feather

While you constantly getting jealous
Need to have your ass at home
Paying someone else to watch your child
You need to watch your own

(Chorus to fade)