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Ease My Mind (Remix)

from by Da Grym Reefer



[Hook: Miss Joyce]

I do what I gotta just to ease my mind in time
It may get hard but I keep on moving
Stay on my grind
I don't worry bout what others
Have to say about me
Inhale, exhale
My world is so lovely

[Verse 1: Da Grym Reefer]

Life is full of so much pain and sorrow
People finding peace of mind in the bottom of a bottle
Bottom of a barrel
The world is in peril
Always stepping on a brother
No Will Ferrel
So in my mind's eye
To keep my mind right
My eyes tight
When you're living the high life
You focus on the highlights
And trying not to get found on the roadside
So a nigga stray
Far away
From the low lives

[Chorus: Miss Joyce]

[Verse 2: Da Grym Reefer]

Trying to stay out of the drama and bullshit
Rule number one
Gotta watch who you fool with
Everyone smile in your face
You ain't cool with
Especially them fools that your ass
Went to school with
Even though they older
Man them fools on some new shit
Cause they ain't done nothing with their lives
And won't do shit
So I know a lot of niggas mad cause I do this
But I don't care
Just saying so you'd know that I knew this
Instead of thinking I'm clueless
Bitch, I ain't new to this
Bitch, I'm true to this
Since I fell out my motherfucking mamma's uterus
My fuse been lit, to blow bitch
And it
Refuse to quit
Till' I refuse to spit
And I quit and let go
And the answer to that question
Is a resounding "No"
Cause the answer to the pressure
Is a resounding flow
And I respond to all the bullshit
When I light my dro so...

[Chorus: Miss Joyce]

[Verse 3: Da Grym Reefer]

I'm just saying
You better live your life
And enjoy it
All that other shit ain't really that important
If you think about it
It's too short to be stressed out
Be glad you're above ground
Niggas do bids
And get killed when they touch down
Wasn't safe back then
Even less safe now
When frienemies from then
Be all in your face now
I guess I'm about to reach success
So in the meantime
Stay on my grind
And ease my mind
And stay blessed


from Reefer Madness, released February 10, 2014
Produced by Tech for Herointech Productions



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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