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Hip​-​Hop's Unknown (feat. Mack Mirage)

from by Da Grym Reefer



[Verse 1: Da Grym Reefer]

With so much drama in the industry
I see it's getting kind of hard for the real MCs but...
Somehow some way
Keep coming up with lyrics for these niggas
While the rest bringing decay

They say
That every other rapper trapping now
Three-sixties got 'em trapping out of massas house

They keep telling me to stay the independent route
But I even see some independents cashing out
I meant selling out
Freudian slip

Niggas bailing out
On some corporate slip
While everybody claim
That they're the realest and shit
I see way too many mules on an industry kick

Even the fans acting like some fucking zombies and shit
One blog can make the world jump on top of your dick
While the rest treat you like a fucking target they missed
Cause you don't live to be a legend and an artist in this...
Rap shit

[Hook x 4]

Jump up and get bucked
If you're feeling lucky duck
Then press your luck

[Verse 2: Teddy Sm!th]

I'm sick of the cynical, hypocritical censorship
Two MCs in their rawest form is what you're witnessing
Kicking down doors
Bringing attention and
Fuck your blogs and your forums
We ain't listening
Secret agents wearing hip-hop uniforms
Sneaking in
Like a Mexican going across the border
This that New Rap World Order
Instead of me giving them pennies for my thoughts
I gave them quarters cause the game is lame and needs change
Leaving me insane
Everybody's brainwashed and they're doing the same thing
Over and over again
History always repeats itself
If you don't pay attention to it
I'd hate to call you stupid, Stupid but
Stupid is what Stupid does
They want you to rap tough and bust your gun
So you can be in handcuffs
Use your fists, nigga
Man up!
It's Teddy Sm!th and Grym Reefer
Coming out your fucking speakers!

[Hook x4]


from Reefer Madness, released February 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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