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The Profile (feat. Tension Relief and Miss Joyce)

from by Da Grym Reefer



Tension Relief:

(Quietly: "RIP Trayvon")

Im gone stay the way the Lord made me; off in his image
6'1" young black male, alot of melanin in my skin and
They profile me a felon in the court of public opinion
I'm already guilty, the only crime committed was living
In a world full of sinning it seems you can walk to the store no more
Every time I walk by slow little white bitches locking they door
Oh no, I ain't gone go for being your scapegoat no more
Where's the crime in buying an iced tea and a bag of Skittles?
Now who knows which way the wind gone blow? Ho, stop your faking
Only seems to me that you are witnessing black men in public places
If I wanted your purse I'd take it, go rambling through your shit
Mace you in the face with your own mace, bitch. Now take this! (Ugh!)
The troops assembling in the city. We going
To start a riot, all my niggas coming with me
Let's head to the suburbs and show them white boys what's the business
It's a white man's world. You all run this shit, we all just live here. Yeah
But living in fear just ain't no living
Can't even go grocery shopping without people keep following me like I'm stealing
Every time the police stop me, how come they always got to frisk me
Villian-ized by social stigma, penalized just cause of my pigment

Da Grym Reefer:

What's beef?
Beef is four little girls getting burned up in a church
Beef is Emmit Till getting hauled off in a hearse
Beef isn't the way Pac & Big got did
Beef is police being involved in it

My skin is my sin
While America pretends
It's unheard of
I could get killed and go to trial for my own murder
Served a summons in a casket
I'm being dramatic
But the truth in what I speak is tragic

Under these fascists
Reverse Racism?
No you've got it backwards
These days and times, man
The truth is a bad word
Voted for change but were hustling back-wards
The moneys in the way. Gotta get to it faster
Why don't we own nothing?
Too busy trying to rock a chain
Skip the guns butter over everything

Fuck freedom!
All that corny shit ain't of importance
Niggas don't stand for justice
They stand in line for Jordans

Miss Joyce:


A queen can't sit back and let them dethrone her king
My brother can't you see you kill each other in vain
Learned how to play the game
But you switched up teams
Don't you know there is no fear
Like a black man with a dream


In a free society -- I'm walking down the street, police got the nerve to ask me "where you going?
Where you coming --" "ain't none of your damn business where I'm going!
"It ain't none of your damn business where I came from!
Fuck you talking about, 'Where are you going? '" " You go anywhere and ask anybody else "What they're doing here?"
Do you stop and ask anybody else in this society, man, "Why do you exist?" you understand what I'm saying?
But you got the nerve to ask me that, all day, every day?
Now what do you think that does to me, psychologically?
What does that tell me?
What message am I being fed, everyday
See, he don't understand that every day, he's feeding me a spoonful of hatred
Every day -- that's my diet
A spoonful of hatred
You see?
And it's just a question of when is this going to erupt?
And upon whom is it going to erupt?
Am I going to attack myself, am I going to attack my brotha, you understand?
Am I going to attack my own image in the mirror, or am I going to eventually attack the cause of my anger and my frustration?
But the point is, I'm a walking time bomb -- .. someday, somewhere, on somebody
The question is -- upon whom?



from Reefer Madness, track released February 3, 2014
Written by: O. Hemans, T. Clark, J. Howard, D. Burns
Produced by: 4D for Cuzzo Productions



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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