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You Can Have This World (feat. Psy, Westside)

from by Da Grym Reefer



[Verse 1: Psy, Westside]

Reverse the quote
From Malcolm X dream
Necessary action by any means
I'd hate to be mean
With a fucked up plan
Cause sometimes the missions
Achieved through peace
Thanking the Lord
For grabbing my hand
I've touched 29
I feel like a man
I'm raising my seeds
With values with ease
Lucky my mentality beat the streets

[Verse 2: Da Grym Reefer]

Or let them streets beat you
Even though they not know what they do
Same streets made me
Made you
In a world of lies
Trying to seek the truth
So when I speak the truth
Even if I show no proof
You feel it
Even shit I didn't say
You hear it and know it's more than lyrics

[Verse 3: Psy, Westside]

Progression is hard to maintain for people
It's harder when you searching for fame
It's evil
Society's cast is one fit all
Follow the leader
Everyone falls
Description of people
Sometimes will be meek
You fight for your life
Or you fight just to eat
[?] of life
But the path can be beat
Half will die
Cause the rest cannot see

[Verse 4: Da Grym Reefer]

Everybody all about wealth
Can't lie, I want that myself
I don't wanna be loved for being someone else
Rather you hate me for being myself
Ain't nobody but myself
Got a problem with myself?
My advice to you niggas
Grow a pair and just go fuck yourself

[Verse 5: Psy, Westside]

This world is in our hands
Even though we act like the world ain't our hands
God's hands
So we continue struggling trying to change our plans
We commit sins over sins
Mind over matter
This game called life is a battle between evil and good
But we battle the demons so good we can't lose
With the Lord on our side
We got much pride
With our hands up high
What supposed to be tears are dry
Ain't no fear in my eyes
I'mma fight for my life. Right?
I'mma make it in my life. Right?
If the war is on
I'mma fight for life
Everyday and everynight
I'm prepared for the fight
From the dark into the light
Been too evil
You can have this world

[Verse 6: Da Grym Refer]

I wake up to another day
The sky is grey but life is great
Ask me how I feel
I feel like shit but the reply is "Straight"
Heading to my 5-8 so I can slave and make this money
Ain't it funny?
I'm a college educated working dummy
We're puppets for this money
We'll 'bout do anything
In our childhood we left our dreams
And traded in for schemes
Or scrubs and a hairnet
At the top we just ain't there yet
We're at the bottom
Left to perish
Isn't it apparent
We're doing worse than our parents
The economy is bust
The government is broke
I bet the tab falls on us
Long as I've got my fam
Long as I've got my girl
Long as I've got my son
Then fuck it
Y'all can have this world

[Hook: Psy, Westside]

You can have this world
You can have this world
You can have this world
You can have this world
You can have this world

[Repeat x1]


from Reefer Madness, released February 10, 2014
Produced by Psy, Westside



all rights reserved


Da Grym Reefer Jackson, Tennessee

Da Grym Reefer officially started his career using the moniker Renaissance featuring on Dr. Gigglez 1st compilation “Roastin N Toastin Vol. 1”, released in 2002.
He recorded his first solo song, a song titled “Frigid”. This song opened doors to feature on future releases by the young independent label headed by Dr. Gigglez, known as Jacktown Records, commemorating their home town Jackson, TN.
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